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23 July 2020
Septembre 2020 Conférence du Barreau de Paris

Charlotte Butruille-Cardew will co-lead, with Nathalie Tisseyre-Boinet, the meeting of the MARD Commission of the Paris Bar on Wednesday 23rd September 2020 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

The topic of the webinar will be "negotiation techniques": session 2 of the cycle of 3 conferences.

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International lawyers for a new generation of families
Strategic advice in a supporting environment

International family lawyers, CBBC is recognized as a French leading international and family law firm. We strive to provide a high quality of services and expertise to our clients. We believe in an ethical and humane approach whilst we have demonstrated our capacity over the years to find creative and workable solutions to the difficulties encountered by our clients. We always favor dialogue and negotiated outcomes but we robustly defend our clients if litigation is necessary. 

We favor reactivity and pragmatism to answer clients' needs in all areas of family and matrimonial laws and in some private client’s work.  We regularly advise on international nuptial /partnership agreements, separation and divorcechildren and parental conflicts, relocation and abduction issues, adoption and filiation, guardianship and inheritance, assets organization and complex structuring, recovery of debts and enforcement, complex financial negotiations. Our team is dedicated to answer with an emotional and strategical intelligence the needs of our clients.

The lawyers at CBBC work in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian. The diversity of the team's legal backgrounds and our past professional experiences abroad ensures a complementary approach to guarantee the very best result for our clients. Some of us are trained as collaborative lawyers and have developed an expertise in difficult and multicultural negotiation. CBBC members participate to conferences all over the world to continue developing our large network of international correspondents.

CBBC favors the diversity of the legal backgrounds of the members of its team to the inclusion for some of them of a solid experience in corporate law. Over the last 20 years we have built up a worldwide network of lawyers and correspondents with whom we have developed an efficient and trustful work relationship. We have developed over the years a solid network of experts to assist the firm’s clients such as tax lawyers, notaries, financial experts, mediators, child specialists and psychiatric experts.

The members of the team are recognized for their expertise in international family law and alternative dispute resolutions. Each lawyer at CBBC regularly lectures on these issues and participates to international conferences. All the lawyers at CBBC are either trained or/ qualified in another legal system and have benefited of a solid legal experience abroad. We are members of international organizations such as the IAFL, the Franco-British society,  AJA…. CBBC always welcome foreign lawyers as trainees.

Charlotte Butruille-Cardew
Avocat Associé
+33 (0)1 53 35 87 50
Stratégie Exigence Engagée

Charlotte Butruille-Cardew is a founder and Partner of the law firm CBBC.





Charlotte has specialized for the last twenty years in complex high-net-worth cases, with an international element and involving tax and trust/ foundation issues, substantial business assets and partnership.


She has also developed a particular expertise in international agreements (pre-nuptial, postnuptial, civil partnership). In addition, she regularly advises on patrimonial and assets structuring.


She enjoys working in a group and listens carefully to her clients to ensure she fully comprehends the specific needs and priorities of each case. She is regarded as a client focused, energetic and experienced international family lawyer.


She is an accredited collaborative practitioner since 2006 and has developed over years an efficient expertise regarding difficult international negotiations


She works daily in French and English, in addition she has a few notions of German. She is a member of numerous international organizations and works in close contact with universities.





Chevalier de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques.


Accredited specialist of Family Law with the Paris Bar.





Charlotte Butruille-Cardew is a French Avocat and a Registered European Lawyer with England and Wales.


She is also a fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyer and a Governor of the organization.


She organizes bi-annual conferences at King’s College University London on the Franco-British perspectives on Family Law.


She has been consulted by the European commission and the English and New Zealand Law Societies on various reforms.


She is also the International Family Law Journal French correspondent.





Former lecturer in Family law at the University of Paris XII (1998-2000)


She has also set up programs with the University of Assas (Paris II) and Nanterre (Paris X) and IFOMENE.


She was the Head of Alternative Dispute Resolutions department with the Paris Bar school (2014-2015).


She co-presides a Commission of the Paris Bar on Alternative Dispute Resolution in International Family Matters (2014-2016).


She is Collaborative law instructor.


She is a member of the scientific comity of the EIMA (International Paris Bar School on Alternative Dispute Resolution) and the French Annual Conference on Family Law (2015-2016).


She lectures regularly in France and abroad on family law, international family law and dispute resolution.





Doctor at law - PhD – on French and English divorce laws – University of Paris XII in collaboration with the London School of Economics, London - 2001.


CAPA - 2001


LLM King's College (UK) - 1995


London Master of Law Paris II Assas - 1994


Program of Negotiation (Harvard Law School).


Trained as a collaborative lawyer (England and Canada) and a collaborative instructor (Belgium).





Author of Family Law a global Guide, Thomson Reuters 2015-2017


Author of Can we go or must we stay? The International Child Relocation Rankings’ Thomson Reuters 2017


Author of Le Guide des modes Amiables de résolution des différends Dalloz 2015-2017


Editor and Author of International prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements, Jordan limited 2011


Author of The law of divorce: global perspectives- Icfai University Press 2007


She is also the authors of numerous articles published in France and England. She appears regularly in the media.





Founding member and President of AFPDC (2009 – President, 2012 - 2018).


Founding Member and former Secretary of the French Family Law Institute (2008).


Fellow of the IAFL (2007)

o    Member of Amicus Curiae Committee and Mediation committee and LGBT committee

o    2011 Observer IAML Executive Committee

o    2014 – today Governor





Before founding CBBC in 2009, Charlotte Butruille-Cardew practiced corporate law in large London and Paris law firms.


She also worked for French Supreme Court lawyers, before specializing in international family law and developing experience in other French law firms.


Frédéric Bicheron
Avocat Associé
+33 (0)1 53 35 87 50
Expérience Ingéniosité Compétence

Frédéric BICHERON intervenes since the creation of CBBC as a consultant within the firm, in support of the team and in collaboration with the partners.





Frédéric has taught family law, inheritance law, matrimonial property law, notary law, property law and personal law at university.





After graduating with a Ph.D. from the University of Panthéon-Assas in 2003 by completing a thesis on "la dation en paiement" , Frédéric became an associate professor in private law and criminal sciences in 2007.


From 2007 to 2013, he taught private law at the University of Nantes, where he also managed the master’s degree of notarial law.


Frédéric is currently teaching corporate law, the law of special contracts and the transmission of assets at Paris XII University . 


Ina Bremer-Proust
Avocat consultant
+33 (0)1 53 35 87 52
Excellence Disponibilité Anticipation

Ina Bremer-Proust joined CBBC in 2013 and became Of Counsel in January 2020.





Ina has focused her expertise on international divorce and parental authority matters, especially those between France and Germany. She developed her competencies in matters of French-German law compared.


As she has acquired a good understanding of commercial and corporate matters, she often deals with complex assets restructuring.


More generally, she provides advice with respect to litigious strategy in matters involving several jurisdictions as well as she is used to lead simultaneous negotiations.


She also has a great experience in the drafting of international pre- or postnuptial agreements, and international civil partnership agreements.


Ina participates to lectures in London in international family law and teaches at the EFB.


Ina is a trained collaborative lawyer.


Ina works in French, German (mother tongue) and English.




Being a German citizen, Ina was born in Germany. She studied in Cologne in the course of the double maîtrise en droits français et allemand programme from 1998 to 2000.


Ina also studied in London within the LL.M. at King’s College (international private law, comparative law, and European Union law).


She is registered with the German Embassy in Paris.





Ina teaches collaborative law within the program of alternative dispute resolution at the EFB.





Ina is a member of the Association of German Lawyers in France (Deutscher Anwalt Verein)


She regularly participates to the young lawyers’ annual meeting of the IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers): Berlin (2015), Warsaw (2017) and Milan (2019).




Paris Bar School (CAPA - 2005)


LL.M. King’s College de Londres (Université de Londres)


DESS Droit du commerce international (Paris X)


Maîtrise en droits français et allemand (Paris I)


LL.M. Cologne/Paris I





Ina regularly intervenes during the Franco-British perspectives Conferences at King's College.


She consigned an article published in the AJ FAMILLE, Dalloz, in February 2019 entitled: "Property consequences of registered partnerships: The recognition and execution of decisions, authentic instruments and court settlements"





Before joining CBBC, Ina Bremer-Proust worked as an associate during seven years with business law firms and among those, five years at the Paris office of Clifford Chance Europe LLP, mergers & acquisitions department.


She advised French and international clients, industrials as well as investment funds, for their M&A projects, restructuring, joint-ventures and LBO, targeting public listed companies or private companies, involved in all types of activities. 


Ina was also seconded during 6 months to the legal affairs department of Airbus Group, capital markets, shareholders litigation, stock exchange and company law.

Madeleine Diébolt
Avocat consultant
+33 (0)153 35 87 54
Déterminée Rigoureuse Humaine

Madeleine Diébolt joined CBBC in January 2014 and became Of Counsel in January 2020.





She has experience dealing with complex cases of international divorce as well as, relocation, international abduction, parenting issues involving child contact and residence, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements etc.


She speaks both French and English fluently.


Her works involves working-relationships with Common law and Asian Countries on a daily basis.





Before working for CBBC, Madeleine Diebolt did various internships with the United Nations in New York and Vienna.


She also worked with the International Adoption Service of the Ministry of foreign affairs in Paris.


She also studied in the United States during part of her bachelor.





Madeleine has attended several Young lawyers’ annual meeting of the IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyer) : Berlin (2015), Madrid (2016), Warsaw (2017) and Milan (2019) as well as the 2018 IAFL's General Meeting in Dubaï.


Madeleine has also attended and been a speaker at several Conferences either in France:

- Commundi-LexisNexis conference in January 2018 on the subject of prestations compensatoires

- Conference to the Defenseur des droits in April 2017 on the subject of "The child, at the center of legal cases".


As well in England:

Kings College Conference in London in 2014,

- Speaker for France at the Conference organised by English law firm Pennigton Manches on the theme: "International transgender issues and Family law: a comparative view") in June 2019.


She has been a regular speaker ar the Paris Bar Committee on the subject of children:

- In February 2016 on the theme: "The international instruments when dealing with maintenance obligations and child contact",

- In October 2017 on the theme: "Jurisdiction and applicable law for child's protection".


As well as at the Paris Bar Committee on the subject of Families, in January 2017 on the theme: "Non EU international divorces".





Paris Bar School (CAPA) - 2014


Master’s degree (2nd year), International affaires, University Paris I Sorbonne – 2010


Master's degree (1st year), International Law, University Paris-I Sorbonne - 2009 





Madeleine cosigned an article on the theme : Focus on the "recel de communauté" or concealment of community assets, International Family Law Journal, Issue 4, 2015.


She cosigned an article published in Lexbase in March 2017 entitled : "Acceptation of a lis pendens claim by French juridiction in the case of a religious Lebanese authority first seized of a divorce petition". 


Madeleine has participated in the writing of the "International Relocation of Children, A global guide from pratical law", Publication Thomas Reuters (Ed. 2016, 2017 et 2018).


She also consigned an article published in the AJ FAMILLE, Dalloz, in February 2019 entitled: "Property consequences of registered partnerships: The recognition and execution of decisions, authentic instruments and court settlements".





She did various internships in France and abroad. While in Bar school, she did an internship with the Paris Court of Appeal’s Prosecution service specialised in financial matters. 



Pierre-Guillaume Ducluzeau
+33 (0)1 53 35 87 53
Audacieux Pugnace Efficace

Pierre-Guillaume joined CBBC in January 2016.





Pierre-Guillaume qualified in family law at the University of Sorbonne, he mainly works on complex high-net-worth cases such as divorces, liquidation of matrimonial regimes, inheritances, often involving an international element.


His experience at CBBC Law Firm has led him to develop a specific expertise in Franco-English and Franco-Swiss cases.


He works daily in French and English and has grounding in Chinese.





Pierre-Guillaume has lived and studied in China as an exhange student at the LL.M in Chinese Law at Renmin University in Beijing.




Pierre-Guillaume is a member of English Family law association Resolution.


He regularly attends the Young lawyers’ annual meeting of the IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyer): Madrid (2016), Warsaw (2017) and Milan (2019).





Paris Bar School (CAPA) - 2016.


Master's degree (2nd year) of Family and Persons' Law, University Paris-I Sorbonne - 2013.


Master's degree (1st year) of Private Law, University Paris-II Assas - 2012.





Pierre-Guillaume cosigned an article in the April 2017 edition of the International Family Law Journal dealing with the new French divorce law as of 2017.


He is also the author of "Will there be a jurisdiction race? " in the AJ FAMILLE, Dalloz, January 2019, dedicated to new EU Regulation n°2016/1104 on registered partnerships.





He has worked as an intern for several family law firms in Paris as well as an intellectual property law firm.


He has also worked for the Prudential Control Authority and for a press agency.


Marie-Amélie Tirard-Petot
+33 (0)1 53 35 87 57
Sérieuse Pragmatique Attentive

Marie-Amélie Tirard-Petot joined CBBC in September 2016.





Marie-Amélie deals with all aspects of family law, especially complex financial issues.


Her experience at CBBC Law Firm, as well as her academic experience, has led her to develop a specific expertise and a particular interest in Franco-English cases.


She works daily in French and English and can understand Spanish.





Marie-Amélie has lived in London where she has completed an internship in a law firm.


She also completed a LL.M from Queen Mary University of London from which she has received the “Top Performing Student in Legal Theory Prize”. 





Marie-Amélie has taught common law courses and has introduced undergraduate students to fundamental elements of common law legal methods (2014).





LL.M. in “Legal Theory”, Queen Mary University of London  - 2016 - Distinction - Recipient of the Top Performing Student in Legal Theory Prize


Paris Bar Exam (CAPA 2015)


Master’s degree (2nd year), Common law and civil traditions, Paris XII University – 2014 - Head of the Class - Upper Second Class Honours


Master’s degree (2nd year), Private law of individuals and assets, Paris XII University – 2013 - Upper Second Class Honours


Master’s degree in Private law, Panthéon-Assas University – 2012


University diploma in common law, Panthéon-Assas University, 2010





Marie-Amélie has cosigned an article dealing with estate and tax planning techniques in France and in the United Kingdom (Trust Quarterly Review). 


She has also cosigned an article in the Lexbase Edition Privée of December 2017 adressing the Cour de Cassation's case n°15-16.265 dated November 15, 2017


She has respectively signed and cosigned articles published in the AJ FAMILLE, Dalloz in January 2019 concerning UE Regulation n°2016/1104 on registered parnterships: "The lawyer's mission" and "Scope of the Registered partnerships's Regulation".





She has attended the Young Lawyers’ annual meeting of the IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyer) in Madrid (2016, Warsaw (2017) and Milan (2019).


Since 2016, Marie-Amélie has helped organise a series of conferences in London dealing with issues of Family Law and Estate Law in a Franco-British context. On June 5th 2019, she was a speaker during one of these conferences : "Overview of the issues surrounding surrogacy and inheritance rights within a Franco-British perspective".


Marie-Amélie is also a member of the Franco-British Lawyers Society dedicated to facilitate arrangements and exchanges between British and French lawyers thereby contributing to the enhancement of legal, economic and cultural ties between France and the United Kingdom.





Marie-Amélie has worked as an intern for several family law firms in Paris as well as in London. She is trained in international family law and criminal law.  

Clémence Delpech
+33 (0)1 53 35 87 55
Collaborative Judicieuse Réactive

Clémence Delpech joined CBBC in July 2016.





Clémence deals with all aspects of international family law and favors, whenever possible, amicable solutions.


Her academic experience as well as her experience at law firms such as CBBC and SWEGER AB (in Stockholm) have led her to develop a specific expertise and a particular interest for Franco-Swedish cases.


She works daily in French and English and can understand Swedish and Spanish.





Clémence has lived in Sweden where she studied for a year at Uppsala University and did an internship at a Family law firm in Stockholm in 2017.


In 2014, she also studied in Dundee (Scotland) where she followed an LL.M course in private international law.


She has attended several Young Lawyer's annual conference of the IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers): Warsaw (2017) and Milan (2019).





Paris' Bar School (CAPA) - 2017


LL.M in Comparative European Private International Law, Dundee University, Scotland - 2014


Master's degree (2nd year), Comparative European Private International Law, Université Toulouse I Capitole - 2014


Master's degree (1st year), International and European Private Law, Université Toulouse I Capitole - 2013 





She has cosigned an article in the Lexbase Edition Privée of December 2017 adressing the Cour de Cassation's case n°15-16.265 dated November 15, 2017





Clémence has worked as an intern for several law firms in France as well as in Sweden.

Caroline Legrand
+33 (0)1 53 35 87 51
Enthousiaste, Réfléchie, Appliquée

Caroline Legrand joined CBBC in September 2018 as a jurist. 




Caroline has developed a particular interest in family and criminal law in which she continues to specialize.





Caroline has lived in Canada where she studied for six months at Waterloo’s University (Ontario) as part of her double major law and english degree.


She then spent six months in the United States in Boston working for a law firm specialized in Elder Crisis Law.  





Caroline is a member of “LES MICYCLES”, theatre troupe of Paris Bar School’s alumni. 





She participates in the School of Emergency Criminal Defense and the Criminal Commission of the Paris Bar.


Paris Bar School (CAPA) - 2018


Master's degree (2nd year), General Private Law, University Paris-II Assas - 2012 - Third Class Honors.


Master's degree (1st year), Private Law, University Versailles-Saint Quentin en Yvelines - 2014 - Upper Second-Class Honors.


Double Major Law and English Degree, University Versailles-Saint Quentin en Yvelines - 2013 - Third Class Honors. 





Caroline has cosigned an article published in 2019 in “AJ Famille” entitled “Applicable law of decisions in matters of the property consequences of registered partnerships”. In addition, she contributed to the elaboration of the practical cases regarding the (UE) 2016/1104 regulation on registered partnerships.


In 2018, she also took part in drafting the LEXIS NEXIS’ forms regarding consensual divorce, divorce by acceptance of the principle of marital breakdown and divorce through the definitive severing of marital ties. 





Caroline has completed several internships in law firms specialized either in criminal or family law. 


Rita Kajjiou
Assistante juridique - Paralegal
+33 (0)1 53 35 87 56
Fiabilité Réactivité Implication

Rita Kajjiou joined CBBC in 2011 as a bilingual legal assistant.





Rita has more than 20 years’ experience as a legal assistant.


She assists the team of lawyers in all aspect in relation to formalities with courts and liaising with the various correspondents (bailiff, translators).


She is in charge of legal procedures, in particular the appeal procedure.


She speaks French and is fluent in English.





Rita worked in London during five years.


She has a diploma of bilingual Personal Assistant.





She worked for ten years in large Anglo-Saxons law firms, mostly in the tax and employment departments.


Alexandra Arnould
Comptable - Gestionnaire
+33 (0)1 53 35 87 59
Dynamique Rigueur Organisation





Alexandra has more than 16 years of experience in accounting firms and 2 years in start-ups.


She joined CBBC in May 2019 as an accountant and office manager.


Alexandra is in charge of treasury, invoicing, HR, accounting, tax and general administration.







Alexandra Arnould has worked in various accounting firms as a professional accountant executive. In October 2016, she joined the start up Content Square, which specializes in solutions to optimize customer experience on e-commerce sites as head of sales and senior general accountant.

23 July 2020
Septembre 2020 Conférence du Barreau de Paris

Charlotte Butruille-Cardew will co-lead, with Nathalie Tisseyre-Boinet, the meeting of the MARD Commission of the Paris Bar on Wednesday 23rd September 2020 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

The topic of the webinar will be "negotiation techniques": session 2 of the cycle of 3 conferences.

23 July 2020
Juillet 2020 Webinar IAFL

Charlotte Butruille-Cardew co-lead on Wednesday 22 July 2020, the Zoom-chat, organised by the IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers), on the theme the use of apostille and notaries - similarities and differences.

22 June 2020
Juillet 2020 Campus 2020

Charlotte Butruille-Cardew will co-lead, with Nathalie Tisseyre-Boinet, on Tuesday 7th July 2020 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, the conference on "MARD communication techniques" during the Campus 2020 organised annually by the Paris Bar.

22 June 2020
1er semestre 2020 Publications

Members of CBBC have produced several articles that have been published:

o On the IAFL (International Academy of Family Lawyers) website: "the relationship between family law and social/digital media: it's complicated" by Clémence Delpech

o On SKO's website: "After the lockdown : a view from France" by Pierre-Guillaume Ducluzeau

 Members of CBBC have also participated in updating the Family Law Guide, the new 2021 edition of which will be published in the second half of 2020, as well as the Lexis Nexis Divorce's Sheet for 2021 edition.

22 June 2020
Mai 2020 Webinars

During the period of the lock-down, CBBC remained mobilized. Charlotte Butruille-Cardew has participated in various webinars during May on the following themes:

o On May 15, 2020, in collaboration with EIMA (Ecole Internationale des modes alternatifs de règlement des litiges) : "Intercultural Negotiation, Collaborative Law and Private International Law"

o May 20, 2020, in collaboration with the Lisbon's Bar Association: "Collaborative practice: What does it involve for lawyers?"

o June 12, 2020: "Arbitration & the impact of the global pandemic on French Courts"

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